Career Selection For Females Using Astrology

  • 2023-03-04
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In todays’ time, women have not only entered in almost all careers but at some places, they have even outshined men. The supreme power has created all of us in the same mold and given human mind that knows no limitations, and hence we all have unlimited capabilities. However, both genders still have differences in personalities, physical structure and more so family and social responsibilities. These differences can imply some limitations on women’s career in some particular areas. But if women can match their skills/interests and responsibilities with the best career horoscope supports, we can select best career for any woman.

Select best career for women using astrology

Selection of career for women using astrology/from horoscope will have the same basis as for men. But due to change of responsibilities post marriage, we need to review women’s Career horoscope with a little different perspective. We need to foresee shift in their location and dynamics of responsibilities post marriage. In Vedic astrology, a career is decided by several factors, namely, houses, planets, and signs. And these factors are applied similarly to select best career for women using astrology except considering above facts in addition. You may find an explanation for them in the below paragraphs.

Houses: First and tenth house must be checked for ascertaining career. The first house or its lord would represent the querent. Well-disposed planets without malefic influences bestow intelligence and strength. This basic parameter decides whether the native will find her much-needed success career-wise. Lord of the Lagna occupying a Kendra or trikona would prove very lucky to the native. 10th House, the house of karma, if well placed, assures a successful career. Any malefic influence on the tenth will block your way to progress or delays the rewards that you so rightly deserve. The tenth house also gives us an idea of what kind of career path the native should choose to succeed. We are born with certain skills and careers that suit our temperament and abilities.

Planets: The royal planets, the sun, and the moon, decide our career direction most precisely. Sun rules our soul and moon, our mind. Sun in the tenth house, acquires directional strength and directs the native towards a career in politics. Moon in the tenth helps her rise above negativities, overcome hurdles, and make a mark for her.

Sign The ascendant or the Lagna is all about the personality attributes of the woman. Based on the personality traits, it can also decide the kind of career path the woman should be choosing.

What are the careers indicated by planets?

If the below planets should be strongly placed and relate to the tenth house, they show the careers indicated below. Get your Free Career Astrology Predictions here.

Sun makes one a good politician, government servant, leader, and CEO.

Moon governs the areas of import-export business, a five-star hotel chef, hospitality industry, and public service.

Martian native is good in a career that deals with metal, construction business, army, and surgeons.

With mercury, you can use your gift of the gab and try your luck in writing, accounts, editing, and astrology.

Jupiter deals mainly with finance. Judiciary, priesthood, advertising agency.

A person of Venusian influence is a pleasure and a luxury-oriented person who would find fulfillment in similar areas and the art and entertainment industry.

Saturn is all about labor, farming, mining, and the judiciary.

Rahu has sway over people in the research field, engineers, pharma, or speculative business.

Ketu represents religion and some careers that have an element of mystery and secret about them.

What are the careers represented by the 12 signs?

There are quite a few careers that are represented by the 12 signs. The ascendant shows what kind of Career for woman as per astrology should pursue.

Aries: If you are born with an Aries ascendant, you are fit to be in the army, police, industry, and athletics.

Taurus: Taurus ascendant inclines the native towards perfumes, luxury items, fancy jewelry, and fashion.

Gemini: Gemini ascendant will give a business bent of mind and help find your career path in media & journalism, accountancy, and business.

Cancer: Cancer gives homely interests. It gives the native interest in cooking, marine, acting, and traveling.

Leo: is the royal sign, and hence it directs the native towards government jobs and politics.

Virgo: Makes one adept at computing, astrology, medicine, and healing.

Libra: Native of Libra is good judges, artists, cosmetics dealers, and fashionistas.

Scorpio: induces interest in the occult, research analysis, medical and insurance profession.

Sagittarius: Deals with law, banking, and finance. It gives an additional interest in religion and entrepreneurial activities.

Capricorn: Directs the native’s energies towards the fields of communication, garments, and public relations.

Aquarius: Includes the category of advisors, consultants, and astrologers.

Pisces: Induces interest in overseas work, marine, chemicals, painting.

Most successful females by zodiac sign

Career Success by Zodiac sign is not the only criterion as it depends many aspects in the horoscope. In case of females, these factors are further examined and vetted through some additional factors as explained in the beginning. But still, this page relates to selection of best career for women using horoscope, we must mention names of few most successful women by Zodiac Sign.

Oprah Winfrey: Her 10th house lord is Venus, placed in the first house is a gateway to the entertainment industry. She is rightly called the “Queen of All Media,” She is accepted as the richest African American in American history. Saturn in the 10th House shows that she became successful after surmounting the obstacles and working hard. Her Saturn also makes her highly extroverted and sun powerful in Lagna, with Jupiter’s aspect endowing her worldwide fame.

Indira Gandhi: She was the only woman prime minister of the world’s biggest democracy. The exchange between Moon and Saturn, sun and mars, and Jupiter and Venus, and the powerful Sun in the fifth House with the aspect of Jupiter proved that she was an able minister.

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