What are the Reasons for Delay in Marriage by Birth Chart?

  • 2023-04-15
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Marriage is one of the most desired phases in one’s life. Almost every parent wants their children to get married at the right age. But sometimes many of us may face a problem of delay in marriage. Marriage astrology explains several reasons for delay in marriage and some of prime significance has been mentioned in this write up.    

What factors cause delay in marriage?

The delay or any other kind of problem in marriage can be seen from the birth chart. While explaining the reasons for delay in marriage by birth chart, the seventh house and its Lord attains the main focus. A weak and afflicted seventh lord and house may indicate problems in marriage. It may be delay or others depending upon the significations of the planets associated with them. Apart from knowing which house is responsible for delay in marriage it is important to know the responsible planets too.

Saturn – The planet Saturn shows slowness. So, if it is placed in the seventh house the native may face delays in marriage. 

Venus – Venus is a karaka of wife and the natural Lord of the seventh house in kalpurush kundli. Its position is very important in determining the delay in marriage. If it is weak in its debilitation or inimical sign or even if it is combust, the native face problems in getting married. Such natives if get married face lots of troubles in their married life.

Jupiter – If Jupiter is in fall in the horoscope, the native is likely to face problems in his/her marriage. Jupiter is a karaka of marriage for females and its weak position may cause marriage to get delayed. Sometimes, even the native finds it difficult to marry lifelong. It is very important to rectify the energy of a weak Jupiter.

Sun– The Sun is known to have separating tendencies and if it is present in the seventh house, the native face troubles in marriage. The malefic energy of the Sun is detrimental to marital bliss in someone’s life.

Mars – Mars in combination with Saturn if placed in the seventh house, the native is not interested in marriage. There might be delays for self created reasons. There is also a possibility of quarrels and fights between the partners. It is a ghatak yoga which has to be cured with astrological guidance.

Saturn with other malefic planets – Saturn alone may create less trouble but if joined by other malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu and Mars may cause a lot of troubles and delays in marriage.  

The placement of the seventh Lord – The placement of the seventh Lord is important. If it is in any of the duhsthaana or bad houses like 6th, 8th or 12th, the person face major issues in marriage. While doing the kundali analysis of an individual, an astrologer mainly looks at the position of the 7th lord and 7th house in both D-1 and D-9 charts to ascertain the true status of his/her married life.

The 8th House – The 8th house of birth chart is a manglaya sthaan for a female which denotes the longevity and happiness of the husband. A female with a weak or afflicted 8th house of Janam Kundli may lack happiness of marriage.   

Remedies for delay in Marriage

One must visit an astrologer to understand the possible causes of delay. Every native is different and based upon the lord ship of the planets, different results are achieved. The general remedies include-

  • Wearing the gem of the planet strengthening the seventh house.
  • Worship lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati with full devotions.
  • Worship lord Vishnu to get the benefits of the planet Jupiter.
  • Donate sweets to small girls to pacify the planet Venus.


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