Effects of Saturn in the eighth house of Aries

  • 2023-03-16
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In Vedic astrology, the eighth house of the horoscope is not auspicious. This house counts in all three houses (6, 8, 12). It is also famous as Dusthana house. This house is also a part of Moksha trikona (4, 8, 12 houses). This house shows complex diseases, accidents, sudden gain or loss, a fortune for females, dowry, ancestral property, will, research, interest in esoteric and spiritual subjects, etc. This house also shows the age and cause of death of the person and the nature of death. The eighth house of the horoscope is one of the most mysterious and deep houses. One can see the speech of the spouse and the in-laws from this house. The 8th house is an important house for those who do research and other people associated with the spiritual field. The eighth house also provides sudden wealth. In any horoscope, if the second, eleventh, and fifth house relate to the eighth house, there is a possibility of sudden monetary gains. In such yogas, the person can make money through share market, betting, lottery, etc.

Now let’s talk about what results from Saturn sitting in the eighth house of Aries ascendant gives. For Aries ascendant, Saturn is the lord of the tenth and eleventh house. The tenth house is related to your work, livelihood, honor, position, prestige, and field of work. The eleventh house is associated with profit, income, fulfillment of desires, the happiness of elder brothers and sisters, etc. If Saturn Sitting in the eighth house by becoming the tenth and eleventh house in your horoscope, it means that your horoscope’s tenth and eleventh houses are related to the eighth house. Due to this position of Saturn, you can be an occultist. The life of your elder siblings may be very difficult, or you may get deprived of their happiness. You may remain dissatisfied with your workplace.

You may have to make strenuous efforts to earn income. Your income may remain unstable, and you may face many obstacles in earning money. You may have to face humiliation or loss in your workplace. But you can make great progress if you work in the intelligence department, research and related fields, or spiritual fields. Your friends may be limited, or you may suffer because of them. The position of Saturn in this house can give you the power and deep intelligence to understand serious and complex subjects. You can be a well-versed scholar in spiritual subjects. You may have a special inclination towards research and esoteric sciences. You may have teeth, bone joints, knees, and feet problems. Apart from this, you may also complain of joint pain.

You may die due to some long-term disease, although Saturn also gives longevity in this house. Due to the presence of Saturn in this house, you can also foresee your death. Saturn in the eighth house can disrupt your livelihood or career. You can always be worried or upset about your business. Your workplace may remain unstable. Saturn sitting in the eighth house looks at the tenth house from its third aspect, due to which some problem may remain in your business, or you may remain dissatisfied with your employment. The seventh aspect of Saturn sitting in the eighth house falls on the second house. The second house relates to speech, money, eyes, family, savings, and financial status.

Due to the aspect of Saturn in this house, your speech can be harsh. Your eyesight may also become weak. There may be some defects in your speech. You can be a slow speaker. You may get separated from your family. You don’t get more love from your family members. The tenth full aspect of Saturn falls on the fifth house from the eighth house. The fifth house is mainly associated with education, children, intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, love relationship, and stomach. Due to the tenth aspect of Saturn in the fifth house, you can get deprived of child happiness. Your intelligence may be confused, or you may have mental disorders. There may be many obstacles in your education. Your love relationship may break.

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